The Most Popular Weight Loss Plans

Great weight loss plans are hard to come across in today’s society. We have weight loss plans being thrown in our faces everyday through posters, ads, commercials, etc. So how do we know which weight loss plan is the plan for us? You can find your ideal weight loss plan just by doing minimal research—And here it is already done for you! Read through these top diet plans. You will understand the fundamentals of each weight loss plan, and therefore will be able to decide if it is in fact the weight loss plan for you. Good luck and happy shopping!The plans described below are mostly registered trademarks of their respective holders. We are using them as descriptive terms without either us or them endorsing the other.


The Atkins diet® is divided into four phases.
Phase 1: The Induction. You lose up to 15 pounds the first two weeks by taking simple steps to maximize your fat loss and make your body a "fat-burning machine".
Phase 2: OWL. Ongoing weight loss is the topic for phase 2. You get to slowly add more foods and carbohydrates back into your diet, this way your weight loss is healthy.
Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance. You reach this phase when you are within 10 pounds of your goal. At this point you slowly add more carbohydrates and foods to make it a diet you can live with, but still lose weight.
Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance. At this point you know what foods you can eat to maintain your weight, and you have learned what foods to avoid. Congratulations, you have graduated!

Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig® diet focuses on three things for weight loss: Food, Body, and Mind.
Food: You learn to control the portions of food you eat, and you learn more about the foods you eat. You will at first follow the Jenny Craig menu before discovering foods and recipes for yourself.

Body: Jenny Craig will guide you to gradually increase your daily activity. You will start out small, and Jenny Craig will be sure to design you a program that fits your needs and your schedule!

Mind: Jenny Craig will help you change your way of thinking, making you more confident, more determined, and more likely to reach your diet goals! You will stay motivated for life.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels® is a very strict weight loss trainer, and she divides her weight loss program into three factors: Self, Science, and Sweat.
Self: Jillan believes that you should have a great self-support to help you lose weight. She will supply you with this through her program.

Science: You need to eat right. You need to get the proper amount of nutrition in your body each day to maximize your weight loss and fat loss.

Sweat: You cannot lose weight and get in shape and be healthy without exercise. Sweat the weight off with Jillian and get a tone, sexy body.


NutriSystem® makes weight loss easier than ever. In three easy steps you will be losing weight!
  1. Choose your plan and food (select your plan and design your 28 day menu).
  2. Get the NutriSystem food delivered to your door (get your "no-brainer" meal plan and results kit).
  3. Eat healthy and track your weight loss (learn about portion control, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding cravings).

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers® is a very popular diet because of the Momentum Program. The Momentum Program offers its users the following:
  1. The education they need to know to be capable of losing weight (things such as what to eat, what to avoid, and when to eat).
  2. Feasible food plans available for everyone and every lifestyle
  3. A supportive environment through meetings (available online as well!)
  4. Teaches you how to make your favorite foods more filling, so you don’t have to give up your favorites!