Educate Yourself on This Year's Weight Loss Tips

Looking to Lose Weight in the Year 2010? Educate Yourself on This Year's Weight Loss Tips

Is your New Year's Resolution this year to lose weight? Well then let's get started - no matter how much weight you need to lose, or how long you have been trying to lose it, this year, you will lose the weight. The KEY to losing weight is education, so welcome to Weight Loss 101!

How to Set a Realistic Goal

When planning your weight loss, you want to be realistic. Maybe say, "I would be happy at --- weight." But then set a short-term goal and say, "But for now I would like to lose ten pounds in the next two months." Once you have set your goal, write it down and share it with a friend, family member, or support group. This will help you stick to it better.

How to Choose a Diet

Right after you put your goal in writing, start doing the research. How are you going to reach your goal? If you do not do this right away, you are almost guaranteeing yourself for failure. Find yourself the perfect diet and get started while you are still motivated. Some great diet programs are:
  • NutriSystem
  • MediFast
  • Jenny Craig
  • Weight Watchers
  • Bistro MD
  • Atkins Diet
  • eDiets
  • The Duke Diet
A little research will go a long way - pick the diet that sounds perfect for you. You want to choose one that you can stick to and that will push you to where you want to go.

How to Boost Your Metabolism

By eating certain foods (and avoiding others) you can actually increase your metabolism, plus a variety of other factors can help boost your metabolism as well. By increasing your metabolism, you can make your weight loss easier on you. Increase your physical activity (even if it is just kicking your legs while you're sitting down)
  • Build muscle
  • Aerobic exercises (walking, biking, etc.)
  • Increase the amount of protein you consume
  • Eat more frequent, smaller meals

How to Increase Your Energy

Increasing your energy level is not as tricking as many people believe it is, and by increasing your energy level, you will have a higher chance of weight loss. To increase your energy level try the following:
  • Eat breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day
  • Stretch or exercise in the morning
  • When you have energy, use it!
  • Act like you have energy, and it will magically come to you
  • Eat at least 3 meals a day, and be sure to eat your whole grains
  • Avoid late night TV, games, or computer
  • Limit or avoid smoking, alcohol, and coffee
  • Take up a hobby or a competitive sport
  • Establish a regular sleep schedule
  • Eat more protein, fish, green vegetables, and fiber
  • Drink enough water and juice

How to Keep the Weight Off

Change your habits forever. Once you are educated on the best times to eat, best food to eat, best ways to eat, and are moderately active, keep that lifestyle! Stay healthy and keep your weight off by not going back to your old ways. You do not have to stay on the diet forever, but be aware of what you eat and stay physically active. Just awareness of your foods will keep you from gaining your weight back. Best of luck!