Effective weightloss programs

We describe ten of the most popular weight loss programs and explain in simple terms how they work. The plans described below are mostly registered trademarks of their respective holders. We are using them as descriptive terms without either we or they endorsing the other.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet® focuses on losing weight quickly, and then slowly. It is effective because you lose a lot of weight at first, but as you go through the program, you add your favorite foods back into your diet, and establish your own diet plan that will allow you to maintain your weight.

Bistro MD

Bistro MD® is one of the greatest weight loss plans if you do not want to let go of great tasting, high quality food. Bistro MD is a little more expensive than other portion controlled diets, but Bistro MD provides much better food. The meals are made fresh by professional cooks, with dieticians at their side, and then frozen and sent to your door step!


eDiets® is unique in that you can lose weight, get tips, and learn new recipes for foods all online. There are many online tools you can use to help assist you in your weight loss mission, and you never have to go anywhere! It is all right on your computer—you could do it all in secret if you wanted to.

Jenny Craig

With the Jenny Craig® diet you break your weight loss down into 3 manageable categories: Food, Body, and Mind. FOOD- Jenny Craig provides you with healthy, portion controlled meals and snacks. BODY-Jenny Craig personalizes a diet that will fit your lifestyle. Mind—Jenny Craig supplies you with the support system you need. Plus gives you tips to staying motivated and on top of your weight loss.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels® is a hard core trainer and great for anyone who not only wants to lose weight, but be active and tone. Jillian Michaels motivates you and pushes you to lose weight and exercise (Sweat). She provides you with meals and tips on how to make your own meals (Science). Jillian Michaels knows the secrets to get you working hard and how to keep you motivated (Self).


MediFast® is known for its 5 & 1 plan. This means that you get to consume 5 MediFast meals a day and 1 lean green meal. 6 meals may sound like a lot, but it is based off of the idea to eat smaller more frequent meals a day. This eliminates cravings and unhealthy snacking.


NutriStystem® is a simple program for beginners that allow anyone and everyone to lose weight. It is easy to join and it is easy to understand, there is no counting calories or carbohydrates.


Slim Fast® is great because this is not food you have to order online, you can buy it at your local grocery store. Also, there are many programs and tools online that you can use to help you. Slim Fast provides its clients with weight loss tools online, a buddy system and journal online, and registered dieticians who you can talk to and ask questions.

South Beach Diet

There are three simple phases when it comes to the South Beach Diet®. Kick starting your weight loss, you do this by eliminating your cravings and certain “bad” foods from your diet. Lose weight steadily, the long term weight loss phase. Maintain for life, the hardest phase where you have to maintain and follow your diet for life in order to maintain your goal weight.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers® is a diet known for its Momentum Program. The Momentum Program is great for beginners or people struggling to stick with a diet and lose weight. The Momentum Program supplies you with the education, food, and support system you need to maximize your weight loss.