An introduction to weight control

Let's face it. For the first time in human history everyone on the first world countries not only has enough to eat, but never have to face shortages of food and we simply aren't coping very well with this excess of available food. The human body has some great mechanisms for storing excess food in times of plenty as fat to burn durning times of shortages.

Today from Pitcairn Island to England so many of us are struggling with our weight it isn't funny and we are under equipped to deal with this struggle. Weight Control has been set up to help provide the tools we all need to know how to deal with our weight.

We start with Weight Loss 101 a brief introduction to weight control, and you can follow that with weight loss advice we then go onto discussing some well known weight loss programmes and compare them. Finally we finish with ten top weight control tips for you to follow as you continue your journey as a slimmer you.